Monday, September 22, 2003

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I hadn't been to the symphony for quite some time. I think I snuck into the Madison S.O. a couple of years ago. My mom called me yesterday and said she had tickets, do I want to go? So today we went and saw a nice performance of the symphonietta. I'm not an expert on such things, but I didn't fall asleep and I had a good time. They had one of the composers there who came on stage for a bow, and an actress who narrated as the symphony played... the highlights... the end.


Sunday, September 21, 2003

Micro All the Way In

Chemistry is fun... and what you can do with it? Miracles... So if you were looking for information regarding a health condition, or new treatments for a disease you can probably find it at Its part of that "micro all the way in" concept. If you know someone who has a "condition" and you want to know what is going on today... check it out.


Saturday, September 20, 2003


Clarissa sent me a couple of invitations to FRIENDSTER. Finally, after a bit of coaxing, I set up an account (it was easy). I'm connected to something like 500,000 people in my "network" of friends. This could be fun if I could get some of my old friends on this. Many have fallen off the radar. I've been writing people testimonials, some short some long. I don't even know if I'll see these people again in my life. When you move, lots of folks fall off the map and you lose touch. Its hard to keep everyone together. Outta site, outta mind, you know? Sometimes your friends can be your harshest critics, though I haven't read any bad testimonials yet. Most folks are writing lil inside jokes and goofy stuff. I tend to write deeper insites that may be of some value to those who read it... and some goofy stuff.


Friday, September 19, 2003


Science is Fun! I took a chemistry course after spending three years in the music business. It was with Dr. Shakhashiri. He spoke with a thick accent, but was completely intelligable by all that listened. He started off the first class with what appeared to me to be a well rehearsed speech. He had been teaching this very same course since the 1970s and the delivery was so polished the gleam from his mouth could have blinded you. It was a lecture hall fit more than 300 students. He came to a point in his discussion where he began to explain the weekly schedule. Dr. Shakhashiri mentioned that Friday lectures are not mandatory and were generally all review. As I'd been in the music business for years and been on this campus making money off of these students I knew the reason. The next question he asked was "Why do you think I'd do this?" I couldn't help myself and said in a proud 'n loud voice "Cause the weekend starts on Thursday!" The crowd erupted in laughter and some actually applauded (I had some fans in the crowd) Now Dr. Shakhashiri turned and walked right to me and said "Thats exactly the reason. You seem know alot about this." I knew I was in the cooker now, so I just dove right in and told him and the class "I've made a business of it for the last three years. There are flyers at the door. Please pick one up before you leave." The crowd continued to giggle and chatter. Dr. Shakhashiri didn't miss a beat and before you knew it he had the whole crowd focused back on him (at my expense, but its ok, I had a great opportunity to speak to 300+ students). I made it a point to sit in the front two rows for the next month and not miss a Friday lecture. I recently heard he retired. The University of Wisconsin will have a hard time filling the void of wit, intelligence and experience that Dr. Shakhashiri takes with him.


Thursday, September 18, 2003

Job Hunt... The Saga Continues

As some of you know, I'm still hunting. I can now say there have been offers... which I can not possibly accept. One offer was too low for my lifestyle. Another offer wasn't even remotely in the field that I was looking for. I am NOT an insurance agent... nor do I want to be. So AFLAC & all you soppy safety soliciting soul suckers can eat it!
Anyway, there was this one company that sold weight loss herbal supplements, which are kinda like vitamins (so they said). This company was so shady it blotted out the sun outside when I picked up the phone. The herbal suppliment is an ephedra analog, which means it would have adverse events, but they had no information on the product. All they could say is that it gives you energy and helps you lose weight... Oh, yeah, for sure... that's what doing low scale methamphetimine / speed will do to you. It'll do that and a bunch of crap that I don't want to get into. For all y'all thinkin' about that garbage... Don't do it!


Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Pollstar: Concert Industry Hotwire

This site will give you kids an idea of the massive network of live artists and venues out there. Its a ridiculous amount of raw data for you to plan your tours. I'm glad someone is keeping track of all the days, all the venues and all the bands, cause I'm sure hella not. Or you can use this site to find out what is happening in your town or local dive. Pollstar puts out a Talent Buyer Guide, a Booking Agency Guide, a Record Label Guide... hell, if its in the industry... they got it!


Thank you Franklin! because of the man behind, I know about this blog site idea. Franklin's always had good ideas, but me getting a site like this... terrific. So everyone can keep track of me now as I explore this world we're in. I will try to put as much cool stuff here as possible, including: music contact stuff, biography, hard science, family, photos, maps and ideas which can change the world. Its micro all the way in and macro all the way out any which way you look... its Stewsday!