Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Spam Allstars

I was really glad to find some live music to check out in Miami, and it was lots of fun. I met a girl from Indianapolis and a construction exec from Chicago and we played in Miami for a good chunk of the night... the most important part... I got to let loose and just dance! DJ Le Spam was pretty fun!
Their current Trombone player is originally from a NW suburb of ChiTown and they'll be playing September 5th at the African Arts Festival in Chicago.


Chicago to Miami

So following Lollapalooza, I got a lil sleep and got ready to head out to the airport. O'Hare was crowded with patrons and bands leaving Lollapalooza. Most flights out on monday were delayed due to a thunderstorm, so I grabbed some food from Panda Express and looked out at the sea of tables in the cafeteria and sighted out the cool kids table... the Lolapalooza table. I wound up sitting with the guys in the band De Sol (very cool / great guys) and I met their publicist, Randy Alexander. I've heard good things about Randy and it was nice to put a face with the name!
We went around trying to find a wireless internet connection. We found one outside of the Admiral's Club. You have to sit on the floor right outside the entrance and cross your fingers that the connection is going to work. After trying to log in for 15 minutes we gave up and parted ways.
I'm heading off to McLane's 7-11 show in Miami for a couple of days. I'm trying to get more candy into their stores. If I can do this successfully, maybe I can get an assistant to do all the mundane data entry I've been doing instead of sales and customer support, which I need to be able to focus on to ensure future sales. I decided to check back and see how my flight was doing. It looked like I still had a few hours before there'd be any forward progress. So I started to walk the corridors of O'Hare and ran into my old buddy Nate, who was on his way to the Virgin Islands for work. He'd already missed his connection due to the weather from Minneapolis to O'Hare and he still had O'Hare to Miami, Miami to Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands to look forward to. Anyway, we walked to the ticket counter and got him on my flight which was earlier and I switched seats so we could sit together through the flight.
After our success in changing tickets we hit the airport bar. We grabbed a couple of Jack 'n Cokes and meandered over to the Brookstone store which I like to call the Brookstone Lounge on account that they have very comfortable lounge chairs that not only let you kick your feet up, but also give you a massage.
The trip was noneventful, and great. I met a couple of people on the shuttle to the Fontenbleu Resort who were in Miami for an EPA conference and one beautiful and pretentious girl who was in town to sing. She stated that she went to school with Norah Jones. I went to school with Ron Dayne, but I'm not even remotely a Heisman winning running back. Regardless, I didn't want to get into a conversation about her floundering career. I understand that many people have their sphere of knowledge, but this snooty lil beauty queen didn't know what the EPA was or even after she was told that it was in fact a government agency. Though she does speak much better spanish than I do and has a full working knowledge of Miami, so I was able to grab some restaurant names and clubs that she recommended. I know exactly what I'd find if I went there: dressed up girls, over priced drinks, frat boys in silk shirts and bad house DJs.
I trust Doc Darren, a friend of my friend Suz's and by the transitive property, my friend too. He's a urologist in Miami and is just passing his boards. We went around on Tuesday night. Compared to the midwest, Miami is a bit more on the hot 'n humid side, so I made the mistake of wearing shorts and being comfortable. If I wanted to get into the places lil miss what's her face mentioned I should have worn jeans and dress shoes. Anyway, we found a bunch of cool spots around South Beach 'n Lincoln areas. I guess P Diddy was shooting a video on South Beach. At least I kept hearing about it.
The 7-11 work was good, I worked hard trying to lock down deals, but I'm not sure that the people who were there were really into trying something new, but 172 of them were and it helped bolster sales with 7-11's distributor McLane.


Monday, July 25, 2005


Chicago got a real treat with being Perry Farrell's choice for Lollapalooza. Perry is the front man and lead singer of Jane's Addiction & Porno For Pyros and organizer of Lollapalooza. His festival gives props to top bands in several genres.
I like the way he scaled the festival back to rebuild its power. And he chose Chicago, which has kinda become the urban center of indie rock. Sure New Yorkers will claim its them, but if you go to a show in NYC and go to the same show in Chicago you really can tell the crowd in Chicago is the real deal. They go home and live and breath the semi white collar indie rock existence which was first put to celluloid in Quadrophenia.
This is a scene that doesn't thrill me. Indie kids wear cement shoes and they may as well have springs for their bobble heads for as much as they actually move. If you are an indie kid, you sing along loudly at shows in chorus. I can't rip on you that hard, because I'm totally for self expression at shows. That's why I dance, but I didn't pay to hear you sing. Indierock kid, you stayed in the main field and forgot to check out the Planet Stage or the Kidzapalooza. So you missed Farrell perform Pets.

I would like to end this blog with a short eulogy in form of haiku:
Many Crowd Surfers Were Dropped Hard.
Indie Kids Can't Dance


Sunday, July 17, 2005

How Wonka Stole My Idea

So I just saw Charlie & the Chocolate Factory directed by Tim Burton in the theatres on opening day, as any good fellow candy manufacturer should have! Its an inspiring story and a very good reason to keep cameras out of the factory. I like the illusion of candy being made with eccentric magic. People are buying the packaging as well as the candy. You eat first with your eyes.
However, you're probably wondering what I'm talking about how did Wonka steal my idea? Well, he didn't... rather it was Tim Burton who took my lil gag. See from time to time I'll splice an image together with a bit of my product creating a new piece of art entirely.
So, feel free to see the movie and then see what I put on the website years ago by clicking here!
I'm saying this with a bit of fun! I loved the movie and I love thinking that maybe I'm as creative as Tim Burton.
Before you leave to another website, I'd like you to take your time and buy some candy this week at one of your fine candy stores. Find something novel and fun! Maybe it won't be a Sahagian product, but have something sweet in your life.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Candy & Concerts

I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I'm in the thick of selling copious amounts of candy! ChiTown has Lollapalooza the weekend after next. Then the Wicker Park Music Festival is going on. Its an awesome free lil music festival in Chicago with bands like Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Benevento Russo Duo, Olivia Tremor Control, Mofro, Mocean Worker & others. Here's Silver Wrapper's website where you can find the whole line up!
I totally suggest anyone from MadTown to come down for the weekend (hint-hint).
The new digs are working out great and I absolutely love my roomie! She's awesome!
So, I won't be in CHiTown the entire time. I have to go to Miami Beach for a 7-Eleven show and sell some more candy!
The last few weeks have been a blast too! I saw Jamie Masefield & Chris Friday at the House of Blues with his band Jazz Mandolin Project. The crowd wasn't the biggest I've seen, but the Big Summer Classic was that weekend and I think most of the jamband show going crowd was faded by showtime.
Anyway, I'm still getting used to the new neighborhood. I have to learn about the new restaurants, stores, & hot spots.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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Friday, July 08, 2005

New Apt - Weekend Fun - Summer

Its been a while since my last post, but here's a worthy update.
You can find Sahagian Candy in Bed Bath & Beyond stores across the nation as of last monday!
I've been pretty busy with a number of different work related projects.
This is going to be a busy and fun weekend for me!
There are shows galore in ChiTown.
Jazz Mandolin Project is playing with the Big Wu at the House of Blues on Friday.
Josh Wink is spinning at the Metro later on Friday night!
I'll be heading off to Alexian Field to see Summer Camp on Saturday!
Femi Kuti is playing at the Metro on Saturday night.
The Metro is just a couple of blocks away from my new apartment... as is WRIGLEY FIELD!
I love my new digs! You should all come visit and check 'em out!
We're planning some type of luao in the near future.
Keep your eyes peeled for an evite.