Sunday, March 29, 2009

NCAA Tournie Bracket! College Hoops

I doubt I'm going to win it all in the pool, but I'm almost 70% right this year. I have the fever and the only prescription is more March Madness.

I called a lot of 12/5 upsets in the first round. The first round I had three errors in my bracket.
I had Wisconsin winning against Florida State. It was partly school pride, but mainly a judgment about experience. Wisconsin has been in the tournie consistently for years, and in a much better seed, and the last time Florida State was in it was 11 years ago. I figured player and coaching experience pays off in cases like that. Under that same logic, I don't think anyone saw Wake losing.

I have Louisville winning the whole magilla. They had a dream season. They're playing Michigan State today and I will root for teams in the Big Ten in circumstances like this even though it works against my grid. State has been stellar this season. Plus any team knows they're going to meet up with Louisville, so you have to do your homework on them. Louisville doesn't have that priviledge. I'm glad they've made it this far in the tournament.

I rooted for Wisconsin even though I had them losing to Xavier. I had Syracuse beating Okalahoma and I was way off on that one. Villanova upset Pittsburgh (which actually happened) to make it to the Final Four. So I'm not going to win money, but I am really enjoying the games.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

South Side Irish Parade

This year was kind of out of hand. My friends and I have made it a bit of a tradition to go down and revel in being Irish (it's open to everyone). I know a lot of people who actually march in the parade. I have some friends who even work for Guinness / Diageo.
I have a copy of Mr Dooley In Peace and in War (1898). It was written about a South Side Irish Pub Keeper and it's a collection of short stories. I've met Mayor Daley and I know about the South Side Irish Tradition from that history.
The city and the community is frowning on the actions of a minority of the attendees, but I completely understand. I heard someone hit a cop... hit a cop at the So Side Irish Parade... That has to be the stupidest idea ever. A large part of this parade is about honoring the tradition and sacrifices of those officers. I remember after 911 they brought reps from the NYPD and NYFD through the parade. I talked to one of them for about an hour. I guess that really affects the way I look at the event. It has notes of solemn / somberness to me though the vast majority is the party.
Something needs to be done. I keep thinking about the Madison, WI and the riots we had with the Mifflin St Block Party and on Halloween. It occurred to me that they have the same key core component... drunk people and lots of them. I talked to everyone including organizers for Mardi Gras and major music festivals. I did research. The same principles can be applied to the South Side Irish Parade.
So anyway, I wrote a letter to the committee volunteering; offering my time and perspective. It's a unique role that I think I can help with. We'll see what happens there!