Thursday, March 25, 2010

My NCAA Bracket is shattered

May I first ask for a moment of silence for my NCAA bracket.
May it rest in peace.

It had a short life, but it began with lots of promise.
The winners seemed to come to mind easily in the first round and thus were quickly written down. A season of ESPN highlights came to mind as I moved on Marquette, Temple, Notre Dame, & Georgetown. Four upsets that I did not expect. I called an upset that didn't happen. I expected Houston to move on under the leadership of the outstanding Aubrey Coleman. The seeds of disaster in my brackets were sewn, yet we marched on through the madness to round two.

The success of my picks from last year in the first round did not provide the clarity needed to see University of Northern Iowa triumphing over Kansas. Kansas was supposed to be this super-squad of juggernauts who potentially could be career athletes. Like lambs to a slaughter they were. There are many small colleges with impressive squads on the court who I did not follow. Paying them no heed cost my bracket significant damage... in this case. My Champs had fallen.

The pain continued to mount as my beloved Badgers got their asses handed to them by Cornell and just like that... I heard my bracket's death gasp! My bracket had plunged itself into the bowels of my garbage can and lay there tattered and covered in a crimson fluid, most likely the remaining pasta sauce from leftovers uneaten. There was nothing I could do. Poor bracket... we had a good time, but it evidently wasn't meant to last.