Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Delta Air Lines Can't Be Trusted DAL

I was going to blog about the accident history of Delta and their disaster history while siting as a source, but I'm actually upset about how they handled my baggage. I was returning home after a long trip and was hoping to get home in time to accomplish something today, but after waiting at the baggage carousel a little too long I realized they mishandled the bag they charged me an extra $25 to check.
So I asked them what happened to my luggage. They told me it didn't make the plane when I transferred in Cincinnati. "So it's in Cincinnati?" They said "Yes. It is in Cincinnati and it will be here at 3:30pm." The baggage claims person gave me a reference number and said that the bag would be delivered to me tonight.
So I proceeded to head home.
I waited patiently until well into the afternoon, and made a call. The representative from Delta was informative. She told me that she did not know where my bag was. After asking for someone else to speak to she told me that it was in Detroit. Then she told me it was put on the wrong plane to begin with and went to Detroit and never was in Ohio. She said it would be picked up at 7pm by a baggage handling company. I asked which one and if I could pick it up directly and she said she didn't know and that she couldn't give me any other information.
The third representative told me they just handed the bag off to a company called Global Airline Resource Center and it would be delivered to me before 10pm. I asked if we can confirm this information and she dismissed my question with a "Thank you for calling delta and have a nice day."
So I called GARC and went to their website. It is full of dead links and bad scripting. So I call the 877 number and go through the voice prompts waiting for customer support. An hour later, I gave up. I am earnestly trying to find out who's got my bag. I call a manager number listed on the page and I am promptly told that they do not handle bags in Chicago. They are not located in Chicago and they do not work with any company that is in Chicago.
So I ask him to double check because I don't expect that Delta would lie. He says that he's worked for the company for a really long time and they never worked in the area. It is now 9pm. I call Delta again.
After a lengthy wait, I get "Tilemia" who claims to be a floor manager for Delta and would like to help me. I tell her I've been given wrong information a couple of times and I need to know who has my bag and when it will arrive. I want it back ASAP. She tells me that if they don't deliver it by 10pm it won't come until the morning. I tell her that I've been waiting 9 hours already and she says it doesn't count for deliver until Delta hands the bag off... so I ask who has it. She tells me the same thing "Global Airline Resource Center" so I tell her she is wrong and that I spoke to the manager there and we could have a nice conversation, just the three of us, if she'd like. She doesn't answer. Now I'm getting pissed because I know that she knows that I know she's giving canned answers. She tells me that that is the company and they do work in Chicago and they do have branches all over. I ask her to verify the information. Within 5 seconds she says she has... and now she's getting salty with me. I tell her I need to have the package delivered tonight, no matter what time. Can she make this happen? Yes, she should, but she gives me a huge amount of gruff about it... talks over me when I am asking the questions and when I ask for spelling or phone numbers tells me I'm talking over her and she will not have that... I'm sorry, I thought I was the customer that's been wronged and have been talked over and told incorrect things all day and charged for it taboot.
She checks again and now she tells me that it's a company called "Global Delivery Express." I write the name "Global Delivery Express" in quotes because she refuses to validate who the company is. A google search comes up a scam-fraud-alert (I have Internet... and I'm checking this company out while we speak). I tell her I need more information about this company because I'm going to call them when we're done, mainly because I don't believe Tilemia or the agents I'm speaking to at this point because they are just treating me like shit.
So, I'm going to write corporate about my experience about my lost baggage and how their team has added insult to injury and it's not worth the money when this is the norm, and not the exception to the rule (especially when I have to pay for the baggage and that defeats the cheaper fare in the first place). However, the biggest loss for me today was the loss of time that I spent trying to track down my luggage.
They loosely keep track and barely measure their own performance or that of the subsidiaries they sell their routes to especially in light of their +538% above average accident rate!

UPDATE 12:12AM - Luggage Delivered... Guess who had my missing suitcase? Was it a) GARC b) Global Delivery Express c) both or d) neither.

IT WAS D) NEITHER! THE NAME OF THE COMPANY WAS DUNN RITE! I was justified in asking the spelling of the name of the company that was in possession of my suitcase as much as the true information of who had it!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


I suppose I've been pushing myself to do more. This winter was not my favorite, but what I did wind up doing is going to the gym... I would go a little more often and stay a little longer as the winter progressed with I found myself coming around to the same word over and over again... endurance. This is a word that I want to come to mind when people think about what it is I can do and how I do it.
I had a question in my mind about how to do this... where to start... What will be my first steps when I get off of this elliptical machine? "Let's stay on a little longer and lets increase the difficulty a little more. Then let's switch to a different apparatus and do a little more..." Before I knew it the winter thaw had come and taken away the bitter cold, ice and slush and left in it's wake lots of pavement for my feet to press. I found the Lake Shore Path both cluttered an unorganized. Dodging oncoming traffic, dog leashes, cyclists, children, vendors and walkers in the run lanes can be taxing... but every weekend there's a fun run somewhere.
I started my quest with a 6k for the "Run For Water" sponsored by DOW Chemical... the irony is that DOW has about as much corporate responsibility for a clean environment as BP apparently does for a healthy Gulf environment... but I digress, I ran the race for me and because my friend Jackie was working on the stage where they had Collective Soul play and I kinda like them in a nostalgic mid-90s kind of way. Time ~26min.
Suffice it to say I ran these and didn't slow down... in fact, I sprinted the last 1K. I'm not the fastest and I didn't place... and yes, I did get passed by a woman pushing two kids in a stroller and a guy who ran with his dog... and a man twice my age (though for the record he runs marathons worldwide) during the Run for Water, but I wasn't racing against them. I was racing against me.
The second race I ran was the Wrigleyville Run 5K which went a lot better except I woke up at 7:50am for a 8am start... It's kind of lucky I live close, but by the time I got there it was 8:07am and I still hadn't stretched out and I ran a couple of Ks... I haven't mapped it yet, but I started at the back of the pack and finished somewhere in the middle ~23 min.
This year's times are ok, and I'm only getting better at this!
So here I am staring a half marathon in the face on Sunday. This will be my longest run to date. I feel like my foot and shoulder are good enough to go! It is NOT a question of IF, but when will I cross the finish line. What time am I shooting for? And after I cross the finish line... what race am I off to next?